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Squirrel Stopper Pole Assembly Instructions

Ultimate bird feeder pole system that is truly a Squirrel Stopper. This Bird Feeder Pole with its Squirrel Stopper baffle effectively stops squirrels which makes it a squirrel proof bird feeder system. It is the large black pole baffle (28 in. long inverted cone) that stops squirrels and raccoons from climbing up the 2" diameter pole. It stops them before they can get to your bird feeders.

Squirrel Stopper Pro pole assembly instructions below show how easy it is to have your own squirrel proof bird feeder pole system.

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Squirrel Stopper Pole Assembly Steps

Squirrel Stopper Pole Assembly 1 
  1. Attach auger to pole, insert crossbar and
screw lower section into ground.
Squirrel Stopper Pole Assembly 2  
  2. Insert, twist and lock middle baffle section
onto lower pole section.
Squirrel Stopper Pole Assembly 3 
  3. Slide 1" horizontal crossbars through
holes in top section and attach hardware.
Squirrel Stopper Pole Assembly 4 
  4. Insert, twist and lock top pole section
onto middle baffle section.
Squirrel Stopper Pole Assembly 
  5. Hang bird feeders, weather domes or hanging plants
and feed the BIRDS, not the squirrels!

Bird Feeder Pole Placement is key!

Bird feeder pole placement is also critical in having a Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder Pole. The Squirrel Stopper Pole placement should be located a minimum of 7-8 ft (10 ft if you have room) away from any object a squirrel can launch a "sideways" jump from. These jump points include a tree trunk, tree branch, wall, fence, stiff bush, rock, bird bath, etc. If the ground is very dry and hard, try watering the ground thoroughly the day before installing. When properly installed bird feeders should hang between 5 ft to 6 ft off the ground.

Get A Squirrel Stopper Now!

Follow these instructions and successfully create your own Bird Feeder Pole system and have squirrel proof bird feeders! Choose the system that will serve your best from our Squirrel Stopper Pro pole selection.