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Squirrel Baffles

Squirrel Baffles that block squirrels from bird feeders makes them squirrel proof bird feeders. A Hanging Squirrel baffle can guard a bird feeder from above when used in a tree or when on a pole give great weather protection.

When a squirrel baffle is in a tree it is relied on to block squirrels path to the bird feeders. Place the baffle with feeder about 8 ft away from the tree trunk and keeping adjacent branches above it to be effective.

When large diameter baffles are used on one of the Squirrel Proof Poles they make excellent weather domes to keep bird seed dry. They give bird feeders below them the most protection from rain and snow.

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Bird Feeder Branch Hooks
Pair of Bird Feeder Branch Hooks are two 24 inch long hand made of heavy gauge steel. Great for hanging bird feeders, bird feeder baffles and bird houses in trees.
$ 21.95
Bird Feeder Squirrel Baffle
Large clear 20 in. dia. hanging Bird Feeder Squirrel Baffle. Excellent way to stop squirrel attacks from above and squirrel proof bird feeders. One of the very best, whether hanging from pole or tree branch!
$ 45.95
Clear Hanging Squirrel Baffle
Clear Hanging Squirrel Baffle is one of the best at protecting bird feeders by defeating squirrels (feeder sold separately)
$ 43.95
Hanging Squirrel Baffle
Metal 18" Hanging Squirrel Baffle distinguishes itself as a hanging bird feeder baffle and deflector. Placing a baffle above your hanging feeder can effectively block squirrels from reaching the feeder. (feeder not included)
$ 38.95
Metal Hanging Squirrel baffle
Large 22 in. Metal Hanging Squirrel baffle is a superb way to squirrel proof bird feeders under it. This Hanging Baffle is can prevent attachs from above it, since squirrels should not be able to get around it. (feeder not included)
$ 38.95
Post Cone Squirrel Baffle Large
Post Cone Squirrel Baffle Large is squirrel deflector for 4 x 4 posts that blocks squirrel from climbing the post to bird feeders. This large 22" diameter wrap around cone squirrel baffle is mount on the post with included 4 attachment screws.
$ 68.95
Post Mounted Cone Squirrel Baffle
Post Cone Squirrel Baffle is a squirrel deflector for a standard 4 x 4 post that includes a post mounting clamp. The 18" diameter cone squirrel baffle wraps around the post and the post does have to be disassembled to be mounted.

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$ 42.95
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Super Squirrel Bird Feeder Baffle
Super Dome 18 in. Squirrel Bird Feeder Baffle is one of the best Squirrel Baffles for bird feeders.
$ 48.95