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Squirrel Stopper Pro Poles

Squirrel Stopper Bird feeder poles are squirrel proof bird feeder poles and also raccoon proof . The Squirrel Stopper poles have long inverted cylinder squirrel baffles below to stop squirrels from climbing up the pole. Locate the pole 8-10 ft away from anything a squirrel can launch a sideways jump off of and you are good to go!

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Bird Feeder Pole System 2
Superb Squirrel Proof Bird feeder Pole with two large capacity metal Bird feeders; a Sunflower feeder and a Thistle feeder. This squirrel proof bird feeder pole system will feed a number of songbirds at the same time.
$ 235.95
Bird Feeder Pole System 3
Bird feeder pole kit has a Squirrel Stopper Pro bird feeder pole with three different types of bird feeders with different seeds. Makes an excellent bird feeder pole system to attract a great variety of all kinds of wild birds.
$ 349.95
Squirrel And Raccoon Stopper Pole Baffle
Raccoon And Squirrel Stopper Pole Baffle for 1/2" up to 2 inches in diameter poles. Uses spring technology, so the 27" long baffle moves up and down and side to side when squirrels or raccoons try to climb it. Brings a smile to your face when they fail.
$ 59.99
Squirrel Proof Mounting Bird Pole
Squirrel Proof Mounting Bird Pole features a sturdy metal, rust resistant design, sure to hold up to even the largest and heaviest birdhouses and birdfeeders. Includes pole baffle, a heavy duty auger and a bird house mounting plate with screws.
$ 89.95
Squirrel Stopper Junior
The Squirrel Stopper Junior is a mid sized pole that has 4 hanging arm stations and squirrel stopper baffle. The Squirrel Stopper Junior pole is somewhat smaller than the Pro version and uses 1 1/4 inch steel black powder coated pole tubes and a universal Squirrel Stopper baffle.
$ 129.95
Squirrel Stopper Pro
Squirrel Stopper Pro Black is the ultimate bird feeder pole system is truly a squirrel stopper. Large squirrel stopper 28" long inverted cone baffle stops squirrels and raccoons making your bird feeders squirrel proof. The Squirrel Stopper pole is very rugged with 8 hanger hooks.
$ 189.99
Squirrel Stopper Pro Bronze
Squirrel Stopper Pro Bronze is a terrific bird feeding pole system that allows you to feed the birds instead of the squirrels! It is the large bronze pole baffle (28 in. long inverted cone) that stops squirrels and raccoons from climbing up the pole.
$ 189.99