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Birding Extras

Birding Extras can include Birding related clocks, puzzles, spinners, cameras, games, artistic sculptures, calendars, and window strike decals. Examples are the Audubon Songbirds Calendar, Audubon Singing Bird Clock, Squirrel Trap Transporter, BirdOpoly Board Game, Hawk Eye Nature Cam Camera and Cardinal Bird Wall Clock

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Audubon Singing Bird Clock
Audubon Singing Bird Clock announces each hour with songs of 12 different birds, a different bird each hour. This Singing Bird Clock is a large 13.5 inch diameter bird clock.
$ 29.95
Backyard Birds 2021 Calendar
Backyard Birds 2021 Calendar has an outstanding songbird for each month of the year. The large format, full color calendar also features large daily grids providing ample space for making notes.
$ 16.95
Backyard Birds Coloring Book
Backyard Birds Coloring Book is great for bird lovers, coloring enthusiasts, and flower gardeners will all delight with our exciting coloring book. This is Americas Favorite Birds and is the first in a series of coloring books from the Cornell Lab, and so much more than a typical bird coloring book.
$ 18.95
Bird Butterfly Sticker Books
Bird Butterfly Sticker Books is full with annotated factual bird and Butterfly information in two books that each contains more than 60 full color, reusable stickers.
$ 16.95
Cardinal Bluebird Goldfinch Stuffed Animals
Cardinal Bluebird Goldfinch Stuffed Animals are a set of plush stuffed animals. They are stuffed animal squeeze birds which makes sounds of their real bird calls.
$ 29.95
Cardinal Rustic Lantern
Cardinal Rustic Lantern will enhance the beauty of your home, inside or out. This Metal lantern is long-lasting, contemporary, Flameless Candle LED Lantern that can sit on a table top or be hung off a deck or patio shepherds hook.
$ 18.95
Cardinal Rustic Singing Bird Clock
Cardinal Rustic Singing Bird Clock with a clock face of 2 Cardinal song birds. This Singing Bird Clock is a 8 inch diameter bird clock. The Singing Bird Clock announces a clear song each hour with a Cardinal song every hour.
$ 18.95
Cardinal Wind Chime
Cardinal Wind Chime is a stained glass wind chime with tuned tubes and copper accented. The Cardinal Wind Chimes has a large 6 inch wide stained glass red Cardinal.
(Note: Backordered)
$ 31.95
Not for Sale
Cardinal Window Panel
Cardinal Window Panel is a circular stained glass decorative panel that features a Cardinal. This Cardinal Window Panel has an 8 inch diameter and is perfect to dress up a window. Really brightens up a room with sunshine colors.
$ 32.95
Copper Clock with Thermometer
Copper Clock with Thermometer is an indoor outdoor clock with Fahrenheit thermometer and Humidity hygrometer. The quartz based clock has large black Arabic numbers on a cream dial.
Note: Not Available
$ 39.95
Not for Sale
Hummingbird Wind Chime
Hummingbird Wind Chime is a stained glass wind chime with tuned tubes and copper accented. Hummingbird with Red Flower Wind Chime features hand cut stained glass with lead soldering and copper electroplate.
$ 30.95
Match a Pair of Birds
Match a Pair of Birds is a Memory Game. Match the male and female pairs of 25 species of birds from around the world in this beautifully illustrated memory game.
$ 19.95
Owl Wind Chime
Spiky Owl Wind Chime with moon is a very artistic and beautiful design. Handcrafted in Bali of powder coated metal with sandblasted glass chimes which make a gentle sound when the wind blows.
(Note: Backordered)
$ 30.95
Snowy Owl Mom And Chick
Snowy Owl Mom And Chick is a pair of plush stuffed animals. The Owls are stuffed animal squeeze birds which makes sounds of their real bird calls.
$ 24.95
Tree Of Life Sculpture
Tree Of Life Sculpture is a hand-crafted work of art that makes quite a beautiful center piece. The metal structure with Flamed Copper Plating can signify the web of life.
$ 56.95
What Bird Am I Board Game
What Bird Am I Board Game is designed by birders for birders to test their species identification skills, has three levels of difficulty for novice, intermediate, and expert birders.
(Note: Backordered)
$ 29.95
Wild Bird Bingo
Wild Bird Bingo is great to learn about North American birds and have fun at the same time. Some of the bird characters from this game are Northern Cardinal, Bald Eagle and Ruby Throated Hummingbird.
$ 19.95
Window Bird Srike Decals
Window Bird Srike Decals are three sets of window alerts to prevent window strikes by birds. The Window Bird Decals include 4 butterflies, 4 Hummingbirds and 2 Hawks.
$ 23.95
Wooden Cabin Sign Clock
The Wooden Cabin Sign Clock combines the rustic charm of a slatted wooded cabin sign with the functional appeal of a clock.
$ 44.95