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Oriole Bird Feeders

Attract Orioles with orange Oriole feeders on Oriole bird Feeder Station Pole. Orioles love orange fruit, grape jelly and nectar in their special feeders. When you want to attract Orioles, think orange.

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Copper Fruit Jelly Oriole Feeder
Copper Fruit Jelly Oriole Feeder with jelly cup and posts for their favorite fruit. Slice an orange or apple and mount on the two wire hooks and put grape jelly in the glass cup.
$ 34.99
Copper Oriole Bird Feeder
The Copper Oriole Bird Feeder is an Oriole Fruit bird Feeder done in all copper. This Oriole bird feeder has both orange halve holders and jelly holders.
$ 57.95
Oriole Bird Feeder Buffet
Oriole Bird Feeder Buffet with 2 jelly cups and 2 posts for their orange halves. Slice an orange or apple and mount on the two wood posts and put grape jelly in the 2 glass cups.
$ 34.95
Oriole Bird Feeder Solution
An Oriole Bird Feeder Solution with large 30 oz capacity, large clear ant guard above and special Oriole orange flavored nectar.
$ 25.95
Oriole Orange Dome
Oriole Orange Dome attracts Orioles and protects the Oriole bird feeders at the same time. The Oriole Dome keeps Oriole nectar and fruit cool and in the shade. (Feeder not included)
$ 33.95
Oriole Orange Jelly Feeder
Oriole Orange Jelly Bird Feeder in bright orange color attracts Orioles. This Clear Roof recycled Oriole bird feeder holds two orange halves and a bowl of grape jelly.
$ 45.95