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Shepherd Staff Poles

A Bird feeder pole that stops squirrels and makes a Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder. A Shepherd Staff pole has cone squirrel baffles below to stop squirrels from climbing up the bird pole.  Cone squirrel baffles can be attached to most any 1" diameter pole or less.  Standard Shepherd staff poles are 1/2" square steel and heavy duty Shepherd staff poles are 5/8" square steel wrought iron.

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Bluebird Birdhouse Pole
Wrought Iron bird house pole is just the right height to be a Bluebird Birdhouse Pole. This is a bluebird birdhouse standard pole that is 70 inch tall overall. (Bird house sold separately)
$ 44.95
Cone Pole Squirrel Baffle
Cone Pole Squirrel baffle is an 18 inch diameter wrap around cone squirrel baffle that squirrel proofs shepherd staff and 1" bird feeder poles! Mount squirrel baffle by simple wrap around!
$ 29.95
Hummingbird Feeder Pole System
Hummingbirds delight with their favorite Hummingbird feeder on their very own Hummingbird feeder Pole shepherd staff with an extra hanger arm. Includes 14" Red Baffle and a 5 port Hummingbird Feeder.
$ 99.95
Shepherd Staff Plant Hanger Basket
Shepherd Staff Plant Hanger Basket is a 4 ft tall Shepherd Staff with a 14" diameter Plant Hanger Basket (flowers not included). A Black Shepherd Hook with bird figure at top has a curved hanger arm that gently curve upward and holds a plant hanging basket with a 14" in diameter, 8" depth and 15" chain.
$ 45.95
Shepherd Staff Pole Duo
Shepherd Staff Pole Duo is a double arm wrought iron adjustable Shepherd Staff pole. This pole makes a great hanging plant pole or used as a bird feeder pole. The 2 arm wrought iron pole is adjustable and can be set to the best height for your purpose.
$ 66.95
Shepherd Staff Pole Quad
Shepherd Staff Pole Quad is a four arm Wrought Iron pole that can be used as a bird feeder pole and hanging plant pole. Versatile and useful adjustable 55" to 86" height pole with hanger arms reach of 12".
$ 82.95
Shepherd Staff Super Duty Pole
Shepherd Staff Super Duty Pole is a heavy duty wrought iron pole. The pole has 4 hanger arms each having a reach of 13". The pole has super strong 5/8" square steel main shaft and 4 detachable arms.
$ 95.95
Wrought Iron Shepherd Pole
Wrought Iron Shepherd Pole that has double hanger arms and a quick connect middle makes a great bird feeder or hanging plant pole. The Heavy Duty Pole uses 1/2" square steel that comes with a reinforced ground step which makes for a very strong and stable pole. Can add optional Cone Squirrel Baffle to pole.
$ 58.95