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Backyard Wild Birds Blog

Deck Bird Feeder Poles

Posted by Backyard Wild Birds on 10/8/2018

Backyard Wild Birds has a large selection of Deck Bird Feeder Poles that work with different style of decks. Deck Poles are useful to hang bird feeders off of a deck and give a close up view of backyard wild birds. There are many choices on which Bird Feeders to use on these poles. It depends on what type of seed or food you would like to use to attract specific types of wild birds. See Birding Info article on the many different Deck Bird Feeder Poles Styles.

Sunflower seeds are the most popular to use to attract a variety of wild birds. For sunflower bird feeders on deck poles, they need to be capable of providing their own defense against squirrels, raccoons, etc., if you have them in your area. This is because there isn’t a way to put a Pole Squirrel Baffle on them. Some examples are the bird feeders on the Extended Pole Squirrel Blocker Feeder and the Extended Pole Squirrel Proof Feeder. Some other good choices to serve sunflower seeds would be from the Squirrel Proof Bird feeders category put on a Deck Pole.

 Extended Pole Squirrel Blocker Feeder    Extended Pole Squirrel Proof Feeder

                Extended Pole Squirrel Blocker Feeder                     

Any of the Deck Bird Feeder Poles can be used with Hummingbird or Thistle feeders, since they don't require self defense from squirrels or raccoons. A few examples are our Hummingbird Feeder With Deck Pole and Deck Pole With Hummingbird Feeder.

Hummingbird Feeder With Deck Pole      Deck Pole With Hummingbird Feeder


But you are not limited to these, you can use any of the Hummingbird Feeders or Thistle Tube Bird Feeders on any of the Deck Bird Feeder Poles.

Winter Wild Bird Treats

Posted by Backyard Wild Birds on 10/8/2017

Amazingly wild birds are all around us even throughout winter. True, some do migrate like Hummingbirds but there is still a good variety who stay behind. They are one of nature’s success stories with a direct line to the Dinosaurs. They do however appreciate a helping hand in winter and you can make their lives a little easier with some special treats. Besides you would like to have them brighten up your winter days too, wouldn’t you? Here are some ideas to keep them coming to see you.

Bird Feeder Pole with Bird feeders

Posted by Backyard Wild Birds on 10/10/2016

Bird Feeder Pole with Bird feedersThis Bird Feeder Pole with Bird Feeders is a complete system that is ready to use right away. This great kit incorporates a Squirrel Stopper Pro pole with pole squirrel baffle, many different Bird Feeders with clear hanging Bird Feeder Baffles above them. Can't you just see this bird feeder in your backyard?  It is  designed to attract the most song birds while the poles inverted pole baffle keeps its bird feeders squirrel proof and raccoon proof.

This collection of bird feeders is one of the best. The right Sunflower seed bird feeder dispenses one of songbirds favorite seeds. The center Wild Bird Tray Bird Feeder with dome is a real nice multi-purpose bird feeder for assorted seeds, fruit, nuts or meal worms.  The wire mesh Peanut Bird Feeder in the back can be used for peanuts, or different types of sunflower seeds. The Thistle Seed Tube Bird Feeder on the left has 8 slits to dispense narrow thistle seeds.  Goldfinch and others love this type of seed. Together these bird feeders bring in a wide assortment of wild birds like: Cardinals, Chickadees, Nuthatches, Woodpeckers and Titmouse, etc. Bring this Bird Feeder Pole System A1 to your backyard and see all the birds you can attract.  It is no wonder backyard birding is one of the most popular hobbies in America.

Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders FAQ

Posted by Backyard Wild Birds on 9/1/2015
This blog is about posting FAQ's with answers on Backyard Wild Birds. That is, we will post questions that we recieve from 'Contact Us' that may also benefit others and help us all enojoy backyard birding a little more. A main focus will be Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders and Raccoon Proof Bird Feeders but will include everything from bird baths to birdhouses. You can also see our other Backyard Blogs that are more topic specific here.