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We like to Exchange Links with web sites that clearly relate to wild birds, wild bird habitats, backyard outdoor living and are complimentary to ours. Your Home Page must have a good Google Ranking and also contain a resources Link to the Links page. If that describes your site, please submit your site below.

Some potential examples of related web sites are: Wild Birds, Bird Feeding, Birding, Backyard Outdoor Living, Backyard Gardening, Backyard Landscaping, Backyard Outdoor Decor, Bird Watching, Nature Hikes, Nurseries, Decks, Lawn sculptures, Fountains, Ponds, Planter designs, Paver borders, Wild life, and Nature. Link exchange between related sites is a win-win for both websites, a way to bring in more visitors to enjoy our sites. Add your website to our Resource Links directory will bring both of us traffic and increase our websites search results.

Here's a two-step process to get listed in our directory:

Step 1. Please set up a link to our site using the HTML shown below.

Here is our link text. The text area box is the code you can copy and insert on your website.

Backyard Wild Birds Backyard Wild Birds - Wild Bird feeders can be Squirrel proof bird feeders with the right Bird feeder poles, bird feeder squirrel baffles and bird feeders. Learn how to squirrel proof bird feeders and how to attract wild birds to your backyard.

After you have completed Step 1

Step 2. Provide us with the following information so we can link to your site.

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Remember, a reciprocal link is required prior to being listed in this directory. We appreciate your submitting good sites to keep our directory useful to our customers.