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Small Bird Feeder Station Poles

Small Bird feeder Station Poles are more compact poles. Pole kits can be for Hummingbirds feeders, Goldfinch feeders, Oriole feeders, or used on patios or decks. These compact special purpose poles are just the right size for their jobs.

The Bird Feeder Station 4 Arm Pole is a perfect 6 ft Hummingbird Feeder Station pole that includes two Hummingbird feeders. The 4 arm pole is great as a Hummingbird feeder pole and has two extra arms to add your own. There are a variety of poles below that can have pole baffles and bird feeders for special purposes.

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Bird Feeder Station Duo Pole
Bird Feeding Station Duo Pole Kit is a squirrel proof, medium duty 6 ft Bird feeder pole with 10" double hanger arms, an extra single hook arm, water disk, mesh feeder tray and pole squirrel baffle. Creates a complete all in one Squirrel Proof Bird Feeding station.
$ 49.95
Bird Feeding Station Quad Kit
Bird Feeding Station Quad Kit is a decorative four way feeding station that you can use to hang your bird feeders, bird houses, planters, ornament, etc. The 6 ft pole station also comes with a dome squirrel baffle for the pole and two sets of stakes to anchor into the ground.
$ 84.95
Bird House Pole Mount
Bird House Pole Mount is a sturdy basic 1 inch outside diameter pole and includes two types of mounting hardware. Its overall height is 68 inches tall, and uses three piece sectional pole.
$ 44.95
Bird Pole Adapter Mounts
Bird Pole Adapter Mounts easily to your bird house or feeder with this Birding Pole Kit. This versatile pole features five 16" sections for an overall height of 72". The pole sections have one tapered end which connects them together easily.
$ 29.95
Bluebird Birdhouse Pole
Wrought Iron bird house pole is just the right height to be a Bluebird Birdhouse Pole. This is a bluebird birdhouse standard pole that is 70 inch tall overall. (Bird house sold separately)
$ 39.99
Bluebird Mealworm Hanging Feeder
Bluebird Mealworm Hanging Feeder has a blue dish and metal hanger arm. The polycarbonate plastic dish bird feeder is used to feed mealworms, grape jelly, fruit, seed, nuts or suet nuggets.
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$ 15.95
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Cardinal Bird Feeder Tray
Cardinal Bird Feeder Tray is a decorative bird feeder with rich stained glass Cardinal design. This Cardinal feeder tray serves various seeds with style. Feeder is strongly built on a one piece steel hook 21 inch tall. (Note: Backordered)
$ 49.95
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Cone Squirrel Baffle
Cone Pole Squirrel baffle is an 18 inch diameter wrap around cone squirrel baffle that squirrel proofs shepherd staff and 1" bird feeder poles! Mount squirrel baffle by simple wrap around!
$ 29.95
Cylinder Pole Squirrel Baffle
Cylinder Pole Squirrel Baffle is a very effective Squirrel Baffle for 1 inch diameter bird feeder poles. Torpedo squirrels efforts to climb up bird feeders poles from below with this 15" long capable pole squirrel baffle.
$ 28.95
Garden Bird Feeder Stand
Garden Bird Feeder Stand works great in a garden or as a mobile bird feeder platform in a yard. The Garden Bird Feeder Stand is 40 inch high and has a 14" wide hanger arm. Great for Hummingbird feeders, flags, wind chimes and much more! (Hummingbird Feeder not included)
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$ 16.95
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Hanging Tray Bird Feeder
Hanging Tray Bird Feeder is an open bird feeder that invites a large variety of birds. The tray bird feeder has micromesh design to allow water to pass thru to keep seed dry and fresh.
$ 24.95
Hummingbird Feeder Station Pole
Bird Feeder Station 3 Arm Pole is a perfect 6 ft Hummingbird Feeder Station pole that includes two Hummingbird feeders. The 3 arm pole is great as a Hummingbird feeder pole and has an extra arm to add your own.
$ 72.95
Hummingbird Feeder With Pole
Hummingbird Feeder with Pole is an ideal size for a garden pole Hummingbird feeder. This Large Hummingbird Feeder with Ant Guard is insect-deterring design make this feeder one of the most desirable today. The 7 port glass bottle style, clear reservoir holds 38 ounces of nectar.
$ 39.95
Multi Purpose Bird Feeder Tray
Multi-Purpose Bird Feeder Tray use to feed many snacks and treats to your birds including dried mealworms, fruit, seeds, suet, jelly, and more. The 11" Dome weather guard protects both birds and food from the weather.
$ 38.95
Patio Bird Feeder Stand
The Patio Bird Feeder Stand works great on a patio, deck or as a mobile bird feeder platform in a yard. Patio Bird Feeder Pole Station has a patio base, a curved hanger arm. Great Hummingbird or Goldfinch tree! (Hummingbird Feeders not included)
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$ 34.95
Raccoon Baffle For Bird Poles
The raccoon baffle for poles for 1" diameter poles is a cylinder baffle with its 24 inch long and 8 inch diameter. Great way to Raccoon and squirrel proof bird feeders and bird houses.
$ 42.99
Shepherd Hook Plant Pole
Shepherd Hook Plant and Bird Pole makes a great hanging plant pole and bird feeder pole. The six hanger arms have 2 big curved hanger arms for plants and 4 close hanger arms for hanging bird feeders and garden accessories.
$ 89.95
Shepherd Staff Plant Hanger Basket
Shepherd Staff Plant Hanger Basket is a 4 ft tall Shepherd Staff with a 14" diameter Plant Hanger Basket (flowers not included). A Black Shepherd Hook with bird figure at top has a curved hanger arm that gently curve upward and holds a plant hanging basket with a 14" in diameter, 8" depth and 15" chain.
$ 38.95