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Squirrel Proof Poles

Bird feeder poles that block squirrels make Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders. Squirrel Proof poles have pole squirrel baffles below to block squirrels from climbing the pole. A complete system can include bird feeder poles, bird feeders, and squirrel baffles. These 1 inch diameter poles have 60 thousands wall thickness and are the strongest in the industry.

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Bird Feeder Pole 12
Bird Feeder Pole Extension for 1 in. diameter poles. Extends the pole height of an existing pole within its Squirrel Proof Poles category by 12" .
$ 15.99
Bird Feeder Pole Ground Socket
Bird Pole Ground Socket is for mounting 1 inch outside diameter bird feeder poles that slip into its 6" socket. This steel ground socket with cork screw can be turned into the ground 20 inches for a very stable platform.
$ 28.99
Bird Feeder Pole Sections Kit
Bird Feeder Pole Sections Kit is a three piece pole section extensions. This strong tubular steel pole kit can be used as expansion or replacement of damaged pole sections and its three section design makes assembly simple.
$ 42.95
Bird Pole Twist-On Arms
Bird Pole Twist-On Arms add two 12 inch twist-on bird feeder hanger arms to your 1" dia. bird feeder poles. Place the hanger arms anywhere you like with a wrap and twist.
$ 22.99
Clear Bird Feeder Weather Baffle
Clear Bird Feeder Baffle is a 16 inch clear plastic weather shield for hanging bird feeders (as shown). A weather baffle is important to keep seed as dry as possible so seed stays fresh.
$ 27.95
Cone Pole Squirrel Baffle
Cone Pole Squirrel baffle is an 18 inch diameter wrap around cone squirrel baffle that squirrel proofs shepherd staff and 1" bird feeder poles! Mount squirrel baffle by simple wrap around!
$ 29.95
Cylinder Pole Squirrel Baffle
Cylinder Pole Squirrel Baffle is a very effective Squirrel Baffle for 1 inch diameter bird feeder poles. Torpedo squirrels efforts to climb up bird feeders poles from below with this 15" long capable pole squirrel baffle.
$ 28.95
Raccoon Baffle For Bird Poles Large
The raccoon baffle for poles large is one of the largest baffles with its 28 inch long and 8 inch diameter. Great way to Raccoon and squirrel proof bird feeders and bird houses.
$ 59.99
Raccoon Proof Bird Pole Trio
Raccoon Proof Bird Pole Trio is a Bird feeder Pole that has three bird feeder hanger arms on a Raccoon and Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder Pole system. This Bird Feeder Pole kit has three extended hanger arms with a large 28" long, 8" diameter cylinder raccoon baffle below.
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$ 155.95
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