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Pole Squirrel Baffle
Pole Squirrel Baffle

Pole Squirrel Baffle

Block squirrels on your bird feeder poles with this clear plastic Pole Squirrel Baffle. Squirrel proofs your bird feeders and goes almost unseen. Baffle stops squirrels, and chipmunks from climbing up poles to the bird feeders. This 16 in. diameter Squirrel Baffle is for poles with approximately a 1 in. diameter.

Mount on the bird pole 4 to 5 ft off of the ground for effective blocking. Baffle must be able to slip over and down the pole to mount. The pole needs to have an open end to do this. The plastic mounting collar then screws into the pole and supports the dome. This baffle is made as a dual purpose Pole and Hanging Baffle. The collar has a knock out center for mounting on a pole and includes the mounting screws to attach it to the pole. For use as hanging baffle leave the center section intact and use the included hook to hang. Get a baffle on your pole and feed the birds, not the squirrels!

Dimensions: 16" Diameter

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