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Pest Free Hummingbird Feeder
Pest Free Hummingbird Feeder

Pest Free Hummingbird Feeder

Said to be the BEST Pest Free Hummingbird Feeder EVER! The Hummingbird feeder is resistant to ants, bees and wasps. It has a unique 2 piece base with innovative flow control design to keep nectar from sloshing at its 4 ports. This No drip design is even in high winds! Finally you can easily clean the inside of a hummingbird feeder with its wide mouth glass jar and filling the 16 oz feeder is no mess as well. When the included clear ant guard is placed above the feeder they can't get past it to get to the nectar.

No drip design means that a big problem can be avoided with bees and wasps taking over the feeder and chasing off the hummingbirds. This is because of the unique baffle system in its base keeps nectar from spilling and splashing through ports even in windy conditions. Spilled nectar is often what attracts bees. Also, the baffle system keeps the nectar far enough away from the port so bees and wasps can't reach it but Hummingbirds can with their long tongue. Sturdy construction with high quality removable parts and dishwasher safe add to its attractiveness. This is as close as it gets to having an Ant Proof, Bee Proof, and Wasp Proof Hummingbird Feeder! Your Hummingbirds will love you for it!

Feeder Dimensions: 8" Tall x 7.75" Diameter

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