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Metal Hanging Squirrel baffle
Metal Hanging Squirrel baffle

Metal Hanging Squirrel baffle

Large 22 in. Metal Hanging Squirrel baffle is made of chew proof galvanized metal. Need to squirrel proof your bird feeders? This Metal Hanging squirrel baffle means business when defending your feeders. When squirrels attack from above, they simply can not get around this baffle and get to your birds seed! Neutral green blends in with natural outdoor setting. When placed on a squirrel proof pole that are an excellent weather protector.

When hanging from a tree, care must be taken not to place next to an adjacent branch they can sideways leap from directly to the feeder. Also, hang this baffle a min. of 8-10 ft away from the tree trunk with a hook or wire and watch the fun as squirrels meet their match. Hanging Baffle with Feeder view are sold separately.

Dimension: 21" diameter

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