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Bird Feeder Pole Sections Kit

Bird Feeder Pole Sections Kit

Bird Feeder Pole Sections Kit is a three piece pole section extensions . This strong tubular steel pole kit can be used as expansion or replacement of damaged pole sections and its three section design makes assembly simple. Its 1" outer diameter body accommodates a bevy of different accessories, and the black powder coating on it provides plenty of durability. The Tapered Swagged ends on two of the extensions insert into either end of the third base pole section pipe easily and the base of this section may be placed in your garden soil. The strong, thick, steel walls of these pole sections form a lasting piece, and the black, powder coated finish resists rust and outdoor weathering.

Options: For additional stability and strength, use a ground socket (not included) in conjunction with this base pole section. On the top of the unit can add various Hanger Arm pieces or with an adapter (not included) to support a bird house or bird feeder. Display one of your outdoor items on a pole using this black Three Piece Birding Pole Kit. Note: With an existing Bird Pole System two of the base pole sections can not be used together because need at least one tapered end to connect. These pole sections are meant to mate only with poles in this CATEGORY of Squirrel Proof Poles. Made in the USA. See our other Bird Feeder Pole Systems for birding ideas and let the fun begin!

Dimensions: Approx. 80" Tall x 1" Wide

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