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Wrought Iron Shepherd Pole
Wrought Iron Shepherd Pole (default)

Wrought Iron Shepherd Pole

Wrought Iron Shepherd Pole makes a good double hanger arm bird feeder pole. This Shepherd Staff pole can be used as a very nice hanging plant pole or bird feeder pole. The Heavy Duty wrought iron pole comes with a reinforced ground step which makes for a very strong and stable pole that will last for years. Ideal for Hummingbird feeders, Goldfinch Thistle feeders and hanging plants.

The wrought iron pole is a 3 piece pole with a quick connect attachment sockets in the center and one arm for easy handling. The arms have a 13" reach which gives room to nicely space feeders. The Heavy Duty Pole is made from 1/2" wrought iron and powder coated with a black semi gloss finish. Its overall height is 93" with 81" high off of the ground and a 12" reinforced step in the ground. Can add optional 17" Cone Squirrel Baffle to pole. Get your attractive pole today and start enjoying!

Dimensions: Overall height 93"

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Wrought Iron Shepherd Pole (default)
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