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Window Squirrel Resist Bird Feeder
Window Squirrel Resist Bird Feeder

Window Squirrel Resist Bird Feeder

Window Squirrel Resist Bird Feeder is a window sunflower bird feeder that resists squirrel attacks with its wire mesh all metal construction. Having a great view window feeder that scoffs at squirrels is possible with this clear window bracket arm and wire mesh bird feeder that delivers sunflower seeds or peanuts. The Mesh Screen Seed Feeder is a classy 12" tall feeder that will attract a great variety of clinging birds. The 2 suction cup clear bracket holds the feeder out from the window and can be positioned above for best viewing.

Sunflower seeds are the most popular songbird seeds but they can also attract squirrels. A window bird feeder is difficult to keep squirrels off feeders because they can climb siding and screens. But it is possible to keep their damage and seed stealing to a minimum with a metal wire mesh bird feeder. They can not chew through metal and with a mesh they can't empty or get a lot of the seeds either.

The all metal feeder construction is durable and finished in an attractive brushed copper finish. The built-in seed diverter helps to move seed into the feeding area, keeping your hungry visitors full and happy. When on a window you can position the clear hanger to show the bird feeder thru the center window pane above the center frame. The Bird Feeder Hanger hook can hold up to 4 lbs.

Dimensions: Overall Feeder 12 x 5 inch dia.
Dimensions: Hanger reach 7"

Your Price: $ 26.95

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