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Wild Bird Tray Bird Feeder
Wild Bird Tray Bird Feeder

Wild Bird Tray Bird Feeder

Cardinals enjoy Wild Bird tray bird feeder with its 12 in. Vista Dome above. Multi-purpose tray bird feeder is great feeder for different wild bird seed, fruit, mealworms, etc. Durable bird feeder with multi-purpose tray has 1 1/4 quart capacity. Fill the bird feeder tray with any bird seed, fruits like oranges, grapes, mealworms and peanuts...these flexible choices can bring in all the different songbirds. Raise and lower adjustable 12 in. dome to limit access by larger, undesirable birds and to keep the weather out. Perfect use is as a bluebird feeder to attract and serve bluebird mealworms. These versatile aspects of this bird feeder make it a great choice. Use it to see which birds you can attract! Shown here with a Cardinal and a Tuffed Titmouse enjoying sunflower seeds.

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Dimensions: 10" Tall x 12" Diameter Dome

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