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Triple Tube Bird Feeder
Triple Tube Bird Feeder

Triple Tube Bird Feeder

Triple Tube Bird Feeder is a large capacity bird feeder with three tube feeders. The Triple Tube Bird Feeder has ABS green plastic construction with 3 polycarbonate clear tubes for different kinds of seed. These are very strong clear tubes that can serve different seeds at the same time. The extended roof is nice to keep the seeds and birds dry. There are 9 tube ports with U shaped perches and a small tray that Cardinals like to come to. Serves sunflower seeds, mix seeds or shelled peanuts, etc.

This nice three in one feeder has all the popular seeds covered and will please all your songbirds with such a good selection. Put a different seed in each tube if you like. Each tube holds about 1 qts. or approx. 1.5 lbs of seed. Refill by lifting the top roof. The bottom tray catches fallen seed for perching birds to use and has drainage holes to keep seed dry. Get this feeder and no need for 3 feeders, just use this one!

Dimensions: approx. 18" Tall x 12" Wide

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