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Sunflower Wire Mesh Bird Feeder
Sunflower Wire Mesh Bird Feeder

Sunflower Wire Mesh Bird Feeder

Sunflower Wire Mesh Bird Feeder is a large capacity wire mesh bird feeder. Clinging and perching birds will love this large capacity feeder and you won't have to fill it as often. The wire mesh tube is 7" in diameter and the bottom has a nice sloped seed diverter to keep seed towards the outside edge where the songbirds can have access to it till gone. Cardinals like to perch on its tray at the bottom. Woodpeckers like to cling to its sides.

Perfect feeder for holding sunflower seed, safflower seed, peanuts, or cracked corn. This is a squirrel and grackle resistant bird feeder because of the all metal construction with 1/4" wire mesh cage protecting the bird seed with no open ports. Top unscrews to hold 5.3 qts which is approx. 6 lbs of seed. Attractive dark brown powder coat finish. Protective curved roof helps shed the weather and tray has drainage holes. Works well as a sunflower bird feeder with any of our Deck Bird Feeder Poles. One of the best!

Dimensions: 10" Diameter x 13" High

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