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Sundial Sculpture
Sundial Garden Sculture

Sundial Sculpture

Bring time keeping to your garden with this water theme using the Aluminum Frog Sundial Garden Sculpture. The whimsical subject and bold detail on this piece will transform your landscaping in moments. The round shape forms a classic dial, furthered by its dark bronze color. Hour demarcations from 5 AM to 7 PM create a band around the decorative center, with the phrase "A quick summer's glimpse, reveal egg, tadpole, and frog, life in constant change" beneath the numbers. The textured center of the unit has lily pad and reed shapes, bringing the piece to life. A three dimensional frog sculpture rests on one of the lily pad forms, and reeds create a dramatic gnomon.

Place this dial facing celestial north, so as the sun moves through the sky, the shadow cast by the gnomon tells the time. Install this item onto a pedestal (not included) for height, or rest it on a flat surface for more surprising placement. Its dark bronze color adds a natural hint, and lighter hued sections glint in sun for interest. Made of aluminum, this dial will certainly remain hardy and lovely year after year. Transform your garden from expected to exceptional with this Aluminum Frog Sundial. Made in the USA.

Dimensions: 12" Diameter x 5" Tall

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