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Sun and Moon Sundial
Sun and Moon Sundial

Sun and Moon Sundial

Sun and Moon Sundial brings brilliant timekeeping and style to your garden with this aluminum Sun and Moon Sundial. This striking garden timepiece combines a classic, sun face with a crescent moon shape, perfectly celebrating the heavens. Raised rays and a face in the center of the disc bring texture and personality to the sculpture, while the french bronze tones with gold accents further celebrate the sun. The 8.75" diameter disc rests within the arc of the moon shape, and a gold colored rod both supports it and forms a gnomon time indicator.

When oriented celestial north, the shadow cast by this golden rod falls along the ring of numerals from 7 AM to 5 PM, clearly indicating the sun time. Its aluminum construction forms a weather resistant and lovely piece, and the small foot at the base elevates the unit. Use a screw through the hole in this footer to secure the item to a post or pedestal (not included). Showcase celestial style in your landscaping with this aluminum Sun and Moon Sundial with French Bronze finish. Assembly required and made in the USA.

Dimensions: 12.5" Diameter x 15" Tall

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