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Squirrel Trap Transporter
Squirrel Trap Transporter

Squirrel Trap Transporter

Squirrel Trap Transporter is good way to end a frustrating squirrel problem. The Squirrel Trap and Transporter is a humane way to catch and relocate squirrels that have become an infestation. No more damaged bird feeders, shrubbery or property. Squirrels really are amazing and cute to watch until they cause us grief but now you can have a heart and no more problems with this carrier cage.

The live cage trap has two open ends for the squirrel or small rabbit to enter. Place some of their favorite food or seed on the pressure plate and voila, you have a way to remove squirrels to the country side. If you are overrun by squirrels and they have you at wits end, then it is time to take action with this effective Squirrel Trap Transporter.

Dimensions: 24" Long x 8" Wide x 7" Tall

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