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Squirrel Stopper Junior
Squirrel Stopper Junior

Squirrel Stopper Junior

The Squirrel Stopper Junior is a mid-sized pole that has 4 hanging arm and squirrel stopper baffle. The sturdy 1 1/4 inch diameter 16 gauge tubular steel construction is strong and will support 4 bird feeders. The included auger screw (shown bottom right) attaches to the lower pole section and then is turned into the ground for great support. The middle section includes the Universal Baffle to prevent squirrels from running or jumping up the pole. Install the pole 10 feet from trees or walls to prevent squirrels from jumping onto feeders.

The Squirrel Stopper Junior is made by the same company that makes the Squirrel Stopper Pro pole system! This Junior pole is somewhat smaller than the Pro version and uses 1 1/4 inch steel black powder coated pole tubes and a universal Squirrel Stopper baffle. The inverted baffle hangs on springs to deter squirrels from climbing the pole. The 4 hanger arms are attached at the top of the pole. The overall height with auger attached is about 9 ft. After installing into the ground about 18", the above ground pole is about 7.5 ft. This a very capable pole that will squirrel proof your bird feeders hung on it.

Dimensions: 7.5 FT Tall above ground

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