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Squirrel Proof S Poles

Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder S Poles stop squirrels and make Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders. This Squirrel Proof S Poles series has a Slot & Pin design to securely connect their pole sections together. When the pole sections are slipped together to make the pole, these slots & pins align with one another. The poles can come with squirrel baffles or raccoon baffles below to stop the squirrels and raccoons from climbing the pole. The Bird Feeder Pole Systems can be bundles of poles, bird feeders, weather baffles above and pole baffles below.

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Bird Feeder S Pole Double Arm
Bird Feeder S Pole Double Arm with two hanger arms is a basic versatile pole ready to hang Hummingbird feeders, thistle bird feeders, hanging plants or use with a pole squirrel baffle of your choice.
(Note: Backordered Till Spring)
$ 69.95
Bird S Pole 12 Extension
Bird S Pole 12 Extension for 1 in. diameter S Poles only. Its overall length is 16" and it extends the pole height of an existing pole within this category by 12.5" .
$ 13.95
Bird S Pole Ground Anchor
Bird S Pole Ground Anchor for 1 in. diameter S Poles only. Ground Anchor for mounting 1 inch outside diameter bird feeder S poles and secure with slot & pin joint.
$ 25.95
Cone Squirrel Baffle
Cone Pole Squirrel baffle is an 18 inch diameter wrap around cone squirrel baffle that squirrel proofs shepherd staff and 1" bird feeder poles! Mount squirrel baffle by simple wrap around!
$ 29.95
Cylinder Squirrel Baffle
Cylinder Squirrel Baffle is a very effective Squirrel Baffle for 1 inch diameter bird feeder poles. Torpedo squirrels efforts to climb up bird feeders poles from below with this 15" long capable squirrel baffle.
$ 29.95
Raccoon Baffle For Bird Poles
The raccoon baffle for poles for 1" diameter poles is a cylinder baffle with its 24 inch long and 8 inch diameter. Great way to Raccoon and squirrel proof bird feeders and bird houses.
$ 42.99