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Squirrel Proof Cage Feeder
Squirrel Proof Cage Feeder

Squirrel Proof Cage Feeder

Squirrel Proof Cage Bird Feeder is a Sunflower Domed Cage Feeder. This bird feeder is 20 inch tall and has 4 ports to deliver the sunflower seed, a songbirds favorite. It provides a defense from unwanted squirrels and larger bully birds, plus protection from the weather elements. Small songbirds easily fly in for safe feeding. The top lid is easily removed for cleaning and filling. Contoured base keeps seed within reach by funneling to the bottom ports and keep seed flowing freely . Zinc die cast tops, bases and ports to last a lifetime. dependably durable & powder-coated. The snug fitting top cap slides up and down its stainless steel wire bail hold, easy for you to lift but prevent squirrels from lifting it to reach the seed or chew thru.

The Sunflower Domed Cage Feeder includes: a 15 in. Sunflower/Mixed Seed Feeder, a 15" wide Dome protects against weather and has a 10.5" diameter Cage. The cage allows songbirds easy clearance through the 1.5-inch openings, but large birds and squirrels cannot fit through. The Bird feeder Tube is easy to remove for cleaning and uses a UV-stabilized polycarbonate tube for durability and stainless steel wire bail for hanging. The Open cage bottom allows hulls to fall through and the threaded 3/4" base allows the feeder to be pole-mounted. The manufacturer has Lifetime Warranty against Squirrel Damage. See the songbirds you like in your backyard!

Dimensions: 20" Tall & Wire Cage is 10.5" Dia.

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