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Squirrel Proof Cage Bird Feeder
Squirrel Proof Cage Bird Feeder

Squirrel Proof Cage Bird Feeder

Squirrel Proof Cage Bird Feeder is large capacity bird feeder that really stops squirrels! The Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder blocks gray squirrels, grackles and mourning doves from reaching tube feeder bird seed. The 12.5" diameter green metal feeder dome top not only protects the seed from the weather, but also acts as a massive 12 quart (3 gallon) seed reservoir. Vented reservoir eliminates condensation and moldy seed in the hopper. The large seed capacity will keep the birds 6 seed ports supplied for a long time and reduce how often you fill the feeder. The Squirrel Proof feeder works because the distance between the fencing and bird seed tube is wide enough that they can't get to it!

This is a rugged and quality metal caged bird feeder that can out perform triple tube feeders. The vinyl coated wire cage fencing itself is 1.5" just right to let only songbirds pass on through. Its uses 1/4" thick, high-density PVC resin seed tube with clear lexan plastic feeding ports, with perches, to keep seed levels visible. Its base catches bird seed before it falls to the ground. Birds also love to perch on the wire cage giving you an excellent view. Its base snaps out to make cleaning easy and requires no tools. Fill with black oil sunflower seeds or wild bird mix etc. This feeder may be hung using the included 5" stainless steel bail wire hanger. Feeder can be hung with or without the 11 inch diameter wire cage. Green powder coated aluminum reservoir and base. The materials and finishes of this feeder make it a good choice to resist weathering in harsh environments. Weight is approx. 8 lbs empty and 14 lbs full. Made in the USA, get yours now and have fun watching!

Dimensions: 21” Tall x 12.5” Diameter

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