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Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder Pole System
Squirrel Proof Bird Pole System

Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder Pole System

This Bird Feeder Pole is the popular Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder Pole system complete with quality bird feeders. Unique Bird Feeder Pole makes bird feeders hung above its squirrel pole baffle squirrel proof. It comes with 2 wrought iron hanger arms, 2 bird feeders, a black cylinder pole squirrel baffle and a twister ground socket. This is a quality metal pole with quality metal feeders that will last and provide songbirds with their two favorite seeds.

The Caged Screen Sunflower Tube Bird Feeder has a dark green, powder coated cage with a 1" square grid that surrounds this wire mesh feeder. The cage will deter larger undesirable birds like Grackles and Morning Doves. The center reservoir with wire mesh has 0.25" stainless steel grid that the sunflower seeds pass thru. The birds can either hold onto the outside cage and pull seed to them, or to cling onto the interior wire mesh tube and dine. An internal baffle at the base of the reservoir diverts the seed to the outside perimeter, while drainage holes on the bottom enable excess water to drain. The reservoir holds 0.75 quarts of sunflower seed or peanut chunks. Locks atop the green metal roof prevent squirrels from lifting the lid.

Invite Goldfinches to dine in your backyard with this Yellow Goldfinch Screen Mesh Thistle Bird Feeder. Designed to withstand the elements, this metal feeder has a 2.75" diameter seed tube holds up to 1 quart of thistle seed. Its 1/16" wire mesh allows the small thistle seed to pass thru with seed levels visible at a glance. A bold yellow, 6.25" diameter metal roof and matching, 6.25" diameter seed tray base with a seed diverter completes the unit, both of which twist off for easy cleaning and filling. Drainage holes surround the base baffle and help keep the thistle seed dry.

The tubular steel pole has a 1 in. diameter and comes in three pieces. The double hanger arm is 7/16" square steel wrought iron and has a 12" reach on each arm. It is approx. 7.5 ft above ground. The 20 in. ground socket has 1/2" turning holes to twist in place and securely hold the pole. Its finish is black semi-gloss, rust resistant, powder coat. Stop squirrels by mounting the pole about 8ft away from other objects and let its squirrel stopper baffle does the rest. Click on the feeder pictures below to see close up views.

Dimensions: Approx. 90" Tall x 26" Wide

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