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Squirrel Proof Baffled Feeder
Squirrel Proof Baffled Feeder

Squirrel Proof Baffled Feeder

Squirrel Proof Baffled Feeder is a classy clear bird feeder baffle with wire mesh bird feeder below. The Squirrel Proof Baffled Feeder has a baffle that is 20" diameter that makes the feeder below it squirrel proof. The wire mesh Feeder is 11.5 inch in diameter and 6" high with perch ring around it. Birds love to cling to the mesh to get their sunflower seeds. The wire mesh and ring allows cardinals, grosbeaks and other desirable larger songbirds to feed at the same time. With normal perch tube feeders, these birds have difficulty feeding without a seed tray.

The feeder has metal and stainless steel parts. When this is hung from a tree limb, hang approx. 10 ft away from the tree trunk and below adjacent branches. This baffled feeder is made to stop squirrel attacks from above it. Tighten Baffles eye loop in place and hang the feeder under it. Pick a good viewing spot and get ready for the entertainment. Fill with sunflower seeds, mixed nuts or shelled peanuts and watch how fast the birds are attracted to this combination of Cling and Perch feeder.

Dimensions: Baffle 20" Dia, Wire mesh feeder 11.5" Dia

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