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Squirrel Blocker Sunflower Bird Feeder Tall
Squirrel Blocker Sunflower Bird Feeder Tall

Squirrel Blocker Sunflower Bird Feeder Tall

Squirrel Blocker Sunflower Bird Feeder raises the standard as a buster of squirrels. Feeder makes a great Deck Squirrel Proof Sunflower Bird Feeder. Very useful anyplace that the feeder alone is the first line of defense. Birders could not be happier with the Patented weight adjustable closing mechanism that shuts out squirrels as well as some heavier undesirable birds. Seed Saver Technology eliminates seed losses to pilfering squirrels and the result is very happy songbirds. And both perching and clinging footholds increase multiple bird activity.

Unlike wire cage feeders, Cardinals, Woodpeckers, as well as songbirds, still have access to the seed. Chew-proof components stop annoying squirrel damage. The UV stabilized component System are Detachable for easy cleaning, filling and servicing. They are also Dishwasher safe for total sanitizing. Seed Tube Ventilation keeps seed fresh and the Stainless steel perches and hanger arm keeps the feeder looking good. A wild bird feeder should be truly a squirrel-proof Bird Feeder and this is. Get yours today and stop feeding the Squirrels!

Dimensions: 16" Tall x 5.5" Wide x 5.5" Deep

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