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Songbird Identiflyer by Lyric
Songbird Identiflyer

Songbird Identiflyer by Lyric

The Songbird IdentiFlyer by Lyric is a great way to learn bird songs by learning the lyrics, words and phrases that help connect the music to the bird. For example, DRINK YOUR TEA sounds just like the Eastern Towhees song or PETER, PETER, PETER, PETER for the Tufted Titmouse. In the Lyric Mode you hear the birds name, see its picture, hear a verbal description of the song (lyrics) and then hear its song. Birders can learn 10 bird songs in 10 minutes.

The Lyric player includes 40 birds that are on two 2 sided Super Songbird Cards: YardBirds One, YardBirds Two, Eastern YardBirds, and Western YardBirds. The songs can be played in 2 Modes: Song Mode, useful for identifying songs in the field and to call in birds Lyric Mode, makes it easier to learn the songs and test identification skills. An improved sound system plays richer, crystal clear bird songs; many songs are longer. Note: only compatible with its own Songbird Cards.

Additional Sets of Super Songbird Cards are available below by checking their box.
3 two sided Super Songbird Card Sets of 60 birds in 6 different habitats

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