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Songbird Bird Bath Puzzle
Songbird Bird Bath Puzzle

Songbird Bird Bath Puzzle

Songbird Bird Bath Puzzle is a 15" x 21" Hidden Image Glow-in-the-Dark Puzzle featuring two Songbirds at the birdbath, each with special, hidden animals or objects, some of which glow-in-the-dark, and others who hide in plain sight. This is a 500 piece puzzle with beautiful colorful birds in a collage in a summer setting that is very pleasing and is a joy to gaze at its finished picture.

Artist, Steve Read hides amazing hidden images within each beautiful piece of art, and his puzzles never disappoint. Find all the secrets in these wildly entertaining puzzles! To reduce their impact on our environment, the chipboard used in these puzzles is made of recycled material. Its pieces are precision cut to ensure a sturdy interlocking fit. Attractive wild bird puzzles in their natural setting are great fun to put together with kids and discover all their surprises.

Finished size is 15" x 21"

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