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Shepherd Staff Pole Duo
Shepherd Staff Pole Duo

Shepherd Staff Pole Duo

Shepherd Staff Pole Duo is a two hanger arm wrought iron adjustable pole that can be used as a bird feeder pole or as a hanging plant pole. This wrought iron pole is versatile enough to be used with a combination of both. The adjustable height Shepherd Staff Pole when fully retracted stands 55" tall and the dual hooks keep items within easy reach. Extend the top shaft up to 86" overall height and secure it with its thumbscrew. The Black Adjustable Shepherd Hook has two hanger arms with a 12' reach each that gently curve upward, and can hold a hanging item up to 22" in diameter, with each having a capacity of 12 lbs.

This generous and versatile unit, with its classic black, powder coated finish and steel body, looks great in any setting, while offering a perfect hanging height for a few bird feeders, plants, wind chimes, etc. The two pieces of the square shaft create a remarkable telescoping design. The top part of the shaft inserts into the lower part, forming an adjustable unit which is 55" tall at its lowest, and can extend up to 86" tall overall for fantastic viewing height options. Tighten the included thumbscrew to keep the shaft at your desired position, and affix the two arched arms to the top of the unit. A four prong step in base ensures a stable secure platform, and the steel square bar construction provides plenty of sturdy strength for added stability. Crafted from durable steel, this piece will remain bold and usable for many seasons, and the black, powder coated finish keeps it protected from the elements. Assemble this black Adjustable Two Hanger Shepherd Hook in your backyard today and let the fun begin. Made in the USA.

Dimensions: Adj. 55" to 86" High

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