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Shepherd Staff Plant Hanger Basket
Shepherd Staff Plant Hanger Basket

Shepherd Staff Plant Hanger Basket

Shepherd Staff Plant Hanger Basket is a 4 ft tall Shepherd Staff with a 14" diameter Plant Hanger Basket (flowers not included). A Black Shepherd Hook with bird figure at top has a curved hanger arm that gently curve upward and holds a plant hanging basket with a 14" in diameter, 8" depth and 15" chain. This black finish modern Farmhouse Hanging Basket has an open wire frame, flat metal ring perimeter, and quadruple chains create this traditional piece. Plenty of room for your favorite flower or herbs, and the included coco fiber liner keeps the soil contained and aids in retaining moisture for a healthy planting bed. The coco liner may be removed and replaced each season if needed, while the metal body remains lovely and durable.

Do you have a special place in your backyard to display a flower arrangement? Well this could be just the thing for you. This versatile unit, with its classic black, powder coated finish and steel body, looks great in any setting. The metal shaft curves outward to accommodate planters up to 14" in diameter and is perfect for hanging plants. An 8.25" long, four pronged step-in base keeps this item stable in soil, and the legs fold flat for easy seasonal storage. Crafted from durable steel, this piece will remain bold and usable for many seasons, and the black, powder coated finish keeps it protected from the elements. Place this Plant Hanger Basket Shepherd Hook in your backyard for a remarkable addition to your outdoor sanctuary.

Note: Flowers not included

Dimensions: 48" High pole with 14" dia. basket

Your Price: $ 45.95

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