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Seed Logs Bird Seed
Seed Logs Bird Seed

Seed Logs Bird Seed

Bird Seed Logs are two 40 oz. Nutsie Woodpecker bird seed logs. These 40 oz. Woodpecker seed logs has seed that woodpecker enjoy like sunflower and mixed nuts. The seed logs attract a large variety of wild birds. Seed logs are an ideal way to offer your birds a high-energy supplement good for year round feeding.

The Nutsie Woodpecker seed log contains an innovative blend of nuts, sunflower hearts, and dried fruit in a log form which adds a new element to your bird sanctuary. The nuts are already hulled, diminishing waste in your yard, and the sunflower hearts and fruit are favorite treats of songbirds. Gelatin helps the item maintain its form. Each log consists of the finest seeds that will keep your birds coming back.

Dimensions: 7" Tall x 4" Diameter

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