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Recycled Platform Bird Feeder
Recycled Platform Bird Feeder

Recycled Platform Bird Feeder

Recycled Platform Bird Feeder is a 12 inch square Recycled Plastic hanging platform feeder. The Platform Bird Feeder attracts all types of birds with its easy access to the bird seed. The Platform Bird Feeder has an easy to clean powder coated steel screen as its base. Besides being easy to clean, this rugged recycled Platform feeder won't rot, crack or warp. Strong metal cables support the platform. This bird feeder is environment friendly and nature loving at the same time. Go green and enjoy all the variety of birds that this feeder will attract. It will attract the usual ground feeder birds and some of the larger birds as well. It is nice that you can do it in a Green manner.

Dimensions: 12.5 x 12.5 x 2"

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