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Raccoon Proof Bird S Pole Quad
Raccoon Proof Bird S Pole Quad

Raccoon Proof Bird S Pole Quad

Raccoon Proof Bird S Pole Quad has 4 angled hanger arms for bird feeders, a long raccoon baffle for poles, and ground socket anchor. The 4 angled hanger arms hold the bird feeders 13.5" out from the pole. Many different bird feeders work well when using these angled hanger arms. Fill tube feeders or feeders with attached wires with the bird seed songbirds love and don't be concerned with the raccoons and squirrels with this pole. The four hanger arms will give you a good view of feeders with your favorite songbirds on them.

The Bird feeder S pole Series has unique slot and pin joints to secure all connections. The 90" tall bird feeder pole has three 1" diameter main pole sections that are attached to the ground anchor mounting socket for easy assembly. The four angled hanger arms have a 13.5" reach and are made from strong 3/8" round steel stock. The top of the Hanger arms has a decorative finial. The excellent raccoon baffle for bird poles is 24" long by 8" in diameter. Mount baffle about 4 ft off of the ground for effective blocking. Stop the raccoons and squirrels by mounting the pole 8-10 ft away from anything they can jump from.

Our S-Pole series all have Secure, special slot and pin type connectors to prevent pole from twisting and turning in the wind. All the parts of this pole require and have this slot and pin mating arrangement. The long raccoon baffle for poles makes the pole raccoon and squirrel proof . Get this attractive bird feeder pole and get ready for your birding adventure.

Dimensions: Approx. 90" tall

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