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Raccoon Proof Bird Feeder Pole System
Raccoon Proof Bird Feeder Pole System

Raccoon Proof Bird Feeder Pole System

This Raccoon Proof Bird Feeder Pole System is a top raccoon proof pole complete with 3 bird feeders. Unique Pole makes bird feeders hung above its long baffle raccoon and squirrel proof. Pole comes with four wrought iron hanger arms, 3 bird feeders, 2 clear baffles, a long 28" black cylinder raccoon baffle and a twister ground socket. The included two 16 inch clear baffle domes protects the tube feeders beneath them from the weather. The 3 feeders are a Green Metal 4 port Sunflower Seed feeder, Goldfinch Yellow Thistle seed Metal 6 port feeder and Copper Finish Top Double Suet Cage Feeder. Birds love to cling to the wire mesh of the Sunflower and Suet feeders which can accommodate a large number at the same time. The Thistle feeder has 6 metal ports with narrow slits to deliver the thistle seed. The Copper Finish Roof Double Suet Cage Feeder holds 2 standard suet cakes that are a favorite of Woodpeckers. These feeders hold the most popular types of seed including Sunflower, Thistle, and Suet that attracts the greatest variety of songbirds. This combination of feeders is hard to beat and will bring the songbirds around for you to see. Build it and they will come!

The tubular steel pole shaft has a 1 in. diameter and comes in three pieces. The four hanger arms are wrought iron and have a 12" reach on each arm. It is approx. 90 inches above ground. The 28 inch long raccoon baffle comes with a mounting clamp that can be adjusted for its proper height setting. The 20 inch ground socket has 1/2" turning holes to twist in place. Its finish is black semi gloss, rust resistant, powder coat. Mount the pole 10 ft away from objects and watch this pole do its job. Excellent complete system that you and your birds will love! Click on the 3 feeder pictures below to see a close up of them!

Dimensions: 90" Tall x 24" across

Your Price: $ 299.95

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