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Purple Martin  Pulley Pole
Purple Martin Pulley Pole

Purple Martin Pulley Pole

Purple Martin Pulley Pole is a 1.9" round pulley pole that has an overall height of 14' tall. The pulley system on this pole enables you to raise and lower a number of our houses and racks. The Galvanized Steel Easy Pulley System supports your Martin house or Gourd Rack on its deluxe 14 foot tall 1.9" outside diameter round pole with an included 18" ground sleeve. This Pole System contains 9 separate sections, 8 of which have swagged ends to connect together with ease with a straight section as the top piece.

At the Top the pole mount the sturdy, powder coated steel 4" tall pulley wheel and feed the included, 20' nylon rope through it to easily raise and lower your martin house or gourds for regular maintenance. This robust, steel wheel ensures smooth movement and rust resistance for seasons of service with a higher weight capacity than similar poles, and its extended sides can cover the opening atop of a martin house roof. This top pulley covering also gives some weather protection. A matching, powder coated rope cleat can be affixed to the pole using the included self tapping screws, readily holding the remainder of the rope securely in place. Concrete the included 18" ground sleeve in soil is recommended to act as an anchor and for more versatility if later desired to move. Create a lasting, steadfast support for your outdoor, pulley compatible item with this Galvanized Steel Easy Pulley System Pole. Help Martins thrive and add classic design to your yard with this American made Purple Martin pole. Assembly required.

Note: This pole is approximately 12.5' above ground when using all its pole sections and with one in its ground socket. Its height can be flexible if not need max height by adjusting how many center 18" pole sections are used or kept as spares. Keeping 1 as spare = 11' and 2 as spares = apprx. 9.5' to 10'.

Optional accessories are available like a pole winch (600 lb capacity) and a pole cylinder predator guard baffle (2.5" or less opening) and are selected by choosing the option to add them to your order below.

Overall Pole Dimensions: 14' Tall
Pole is round 1.9" Dia x 12' High above ground

Your Price: $ 189.95

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Purple Martin Pulley Pole (default)
Add Optional Winch (42.00)
Add Optional Predator Guard (60.00)
Add Oprtional Winch & Predator Guard (100.00)

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