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Purple Martin Pole System
Purple Martin Pole System

Purple Martin Pole System

Purple Martin Pole System includes a winch with cable and ground socket. The Purple Martin House Pole is a strong 2 inch square single pole system for the houses. The Houses and Rack systems in this category are made to work with this pole. Very ridged 16.5 ft tall pole can be used to mount many bird houses or bird feeders. The Pole system includes a cable and winch to raise and lower its purple Martin houses and gourd racks to any position and a 30" ground socket for secure installation.

The Steel Pole and winch are electroplated with zinc (look of metal) for rust resistance and comes in three swaged sections for connection together. The Purple Martin pole is capable of expansion with a number of configurations of Purple Martin Houses and gourd racks that accept a 2 inch square pole. These compatible Purple Martin Houses and gourd racks are sold separately. This lone star pole outshines other purple martin poles features and will last for many years. Weight 46 lbs.

Dimensions: 16.5 Feet Tall

Your Price: $ 389.95

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