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Purple Martin House Crescent Doors
Purple Martin House Crescent Doors

Purple Martin House Crescent Doors

Purple Martin House Crescent Doors is lightweight, sturdy aluminum. Purple Martin house Alamo round Doors has 14 rooms. Design for Martins the nesting cavity is 6 x 6 x 12 inches deep. Each houses 12 inch deep compartments are compliant to PMCA's Purple Martin Conservation Association recommended compartment depth. Martins will thrive and remember the lone star Alamo Purple Martin Houses year after year.

The Alamo is designed to fit the 2 inch square pole of our Purple Martin Pole System which can raise and lower the house with its winch (sold separately). The white reflective aluminum and fully insulated attics help to reduce heat build up and stress on Martins and their fledglings. Easy access snap pin door latches and stainless steel hinged doors make maintenance quick with non-rusting doors. Porch separation is 90 degrees to promote full occupancy and no wasted rooms. The riveted aluminum house comes fully assembled. Door entrance holes have crescent door shapes to be predator and starling resistant. Quality and superior design will impress you and your Martins for years to come. Martins are mosquito, fly and insect eating machines that you can keep in your area by giving them a great home like this. Also, Round Hole Doors are available at the same price in desired. Weight 30 lbs.

Dimensions: 33" Tall x 30" Wide

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