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Purple Martin Excluder Gourd House
Purple Martin Excluder Gourd House

Purple Martin Excluder Gourd House

Purple Martin Excluder Super Gourd Houses have Excluder #1 entrance holes which are 1 piece molded design gourd. This is for 1 individual Super Gourd, order as many as you like. The Purple Martin Excluder Gourd Houses access hole has a screw on cap for viewing and cleaning. The excluder hole is to discourage starlings nesting and predator access. The super gourd has special design of research into Purple Martin nesting needs. This is recognized as a best in class and next generation of Purple Martin housing. It has a nice landing porch 5/8 inch below the center line of the entrance hole.

The 10.5 inch diameter gourd is 1 piece blown molded construction using high density polyethylene plastic with UV inhibitors. Thus there are no seams to leak rain and it will not separate, crack, peel, split or rot in the elements. Also features a large, molded in no leak rain canopy. This canopy has molded in textured grip ribs for slip free perching. It weighs 30 ounces for nice hanging stability and its six 5/16 inch drain holes provide a rapid exit for any rain that may blow in through the 2-1/32 in entrance hole. The gourds color helps reflect sunlight which keeps the interior temperature from heating up. The 45 degree viewing angle inspection port has a 4" screw on cap for easy access. The superior design based on research keeps the super gourds Martin fledgling rate very high which is just what you want!

Note: This is for 1 individual Super Gourd, cross rack and pole are sold separately.

Dimensions: 12" Tall x 10.5" Diameter

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