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Purple Martin Easy Clean Gourds 8 Pack
Purple Martin Easy Clean Gourds 8 Pack

Purple Martin Easy Clean Gourds 8 Pack

Purple Martin Easy Clean Gourds is an 8 Pack of houses. The Purple Martins gourd houses have Starling resistant doors to keep the gourd houses just for them. The gourds are made of 2 clam shell pieces for easy cleaning and inspection. The gourds mimic natural gourds that Native Americans once used but will last longer and have a moisture drip guard over the entrance hole. Some say that a gourd has become the Purple Martins preferred nesting place.

The gourds are made of durable plastic and are a neutral almond color to reduce heat build up. The bottom has drainage holes to allow moisture to escape if rain should come in. The 2 clam shell halves snap together and are secured by a single screw in the back. Place many gourds together in an open area for a group of Martins to setup a colony and keep your mosquito and insect population down. 8 gourds come in this pack to arrange as you like on your poles rack system. Note: Pole Not Included, your choice sold separately.

Approx. Dimensions: 12" Tall x 8" Diameter Single Two-Piece Martin Gourd with Crescent Starling Resistant Entrance Hole in it. Perforations below the crescent entry allow you to alter it to a round opening

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