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Purple Martin Crescent Gourds
Purple Martin Crescent Gourd shaped entry

Purple Martin Crescent Gourds

Purple Martin Crescent Gourds is a 6 pack of gourds to boost your martin colony with a helpful, starling resistant crescent shaped entry shelters. This durable, plastic gourd provides a fantastic shelter option for purple martins in need of a home, and the unit's lightweight, one-piece body protects these magnificent birds from rain and other outdoor elements while featuring a dark interior to comfort nestlings. This 9.25" wide gourd offers a good amount of interior space for martins to colonize, and a porch is included to easily attach just below the crescent-shaped entry with included hardware, providing 3" of additional, convenient landing space.

The entrance's 2.25" wide and 1.25" tall, crescent-shaped design is specifically meant to deter starlings, letting martins find a location of solace without worrying about invasive behavior; a cover for this entrance is also included for when you wish to close the shelter. A helpful drainage hole sits on the bottom of the gourd, ensuring a dry interior, while a spacious access port measures 4" in diameter to allow handy maintenance and viewing. An included, threaded cap covers this port when you wish. The tough, textured plastic body makes for a durable but lightweight item in your purple martin sanctuary, and the light complexion of the unit keeps it cool during hot summer days. The raised top of the gourd features a 3/8" predrilled hole to allow you an easy method for hanging these gourds on 3/8" rods reliably. Our Purple Martin Crescent Gourds is made for our Purple Martin 6 Gourd Bracket with 3/8" rod mounting. Fits well on our Purple Martin 6 Gourd Bracket & Racks. Give purple martins a fantastic and safe place to colonize when you place these Purple Martin Crescent Gourds at your home. Made in the USA.

Overall Dimensions: 9L x 9.25""W x 9"H

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