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Purple Martin Classic Gourds
Purple Martin Classic Gourds

Purple Martin Classic Gourds

Purple Martin Classic Gourds is a 6 pack combo of both round and crescent front entrances, your choice. This large 12.25" wide gourd can encourage purple martins, bluebirds, or tree swallows to roost in your bird garden by placing this fantastic and convenient Classic Combo Gourd house. This molded plastic unit sports a white complexion for a cool domicile and offers an abundance of handy features meant to give birds a more intuitive and reliable shelter as they populate your outdoor space. An 8" deep nesting chamber gives a wealth of space for martins or bluebirds to roost, and the variable, dual entry setup lets you choose between a round or starling-resistant, crescent entrance. Optional door plugs can be fastened over these martin entrances, letting you convert the round entrance to a 1.5" diameter, bluebird friendly access hole or change the oval opening to accommodate tree swallows.

A 3" porch easily snaps into place just beneath the customizable entrance to afford generous perching space for martins approaching the unit, and a non-slip, textured interior lets them gain a suitable grip inside the chamber. The gourd's intuitive neck turns easily to let you orient the dwelling however you wish without altering the position of your gourd rack or hanger. An included cap easily covers the 5" x 4" oval access and can be removed in moments to perform maintenance checks and monitor activity within the gourd. A helpful "dry nest" drainage system ensures the home remains fresh and comfortable, as gaps in the gourd's bottom prevent moisture from accumulating and spoiling the space. The durable, molded plastic construction lets you enjoy this item for many seasons of reliable service. Add to your backyard birding decor as you provide shelter for a variety of our unique, feathered friends. Give entertaining bluebirds, tree swallows, or purple martins a suitable and charming home where they can comfortably thrive with the Classic Combo Martin or Bluebird Gourd. Assembly required. Made in the USA.

Overall Dimensions: 11"L x 12.25"W x 11"H

Your Price: $ 109.95

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