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Purple Martin Cedar House with Pole
Purple Martin Cedar House with Pole

Purple Martin Cedar House with Pole

Purple Martin Cedar Wood House with 12 unit apartments for Purple Martins on a telescoping 15' tall Pole. The Housing units all have Round Shaped Entrance Holes just for Purple Martins. Install this Cedar Wood Purple Martin House in your lawn or garden to offer martins a beautiful place to colonize. Capable of housing up to twelve separate martin families, this house features cozy apartments 4.25"L x 5"W x 5"H. Ventilation holes ensure that each unit remains at a comfortable temperature. Porch dividers help prevent male domination issues, while perch railings offer a place to rest before entering the 2.75" long entrance holes. The pitched roof overhangs the porches, shedding water and protecting your bird tenants. Additionally, a 15.25" long roof perch offers even more room for your martins to preen. The roof unscrews and the top removes for cleaning and nest checks. Use the included mounting plate (approx. 6"L x 4"W x 2"H) to fasten this durable cedar home atop the included steel, telescoping 15' tall pole. Place in an open space of your yard. Give the Martins a home and receive nature's natural benefits of mosquito and insect control as they live in your long lasting Purple Martin Cedar House (21 lbs).

Support your Martin house easily on this deluxe 15 foot White Telescoping Martin House Pole. The four steel sections create a lasting pole, while the telescoping design aids in raising and lowering the unit. The sections each flare slightly outward at the top, accommodating the included key locks, which keep the pole securely upright for proper placement of your martin house. The 14.75" long, plastic ground socket is designed to be set in concrete in your soil, anchoring the pole during use and allowing it to be removed at the end of each season. Two included, plastic brackets may be secured around the pole, each holding a 20" long, 0.375" dia. metal rod for extra perching or hanging gourds (not included) below the nesting box. The white, powder coated finish on each section keeps them bright and meshes with many traditional martin houses, and also protects the steel pole pieces from the elements. Keep your martin houses at a great height with this White Telescoping Martin House and Rods Pole. This sturdy, steel body can accommodate items up to 25 pounds. Assembly required. Made in the USA. This is an 12 room Cedar home with pole, a great value and affordable complete system.

The default is for the complete kit, House and Pole. Choose Options to select just for the house.

House Dimensions: 19"L x 15.75"W x 15.25"H overall
Pole is 15' High overall

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