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Purple Martin  6 Gourd Bracket
Hanging 6 Gourd Hanging Bracket

Purple Martin 6 Gourd Bracket

Purple Martin 6 Gourd Hanging Bracket with 12' Triangular Telescoping Aluminum Tri-Pole and Ground Socket. Add a gourd rack to our triangular or 1.25" outer diameter round pole with the Hanging Gourd Bracket. This unit adds room for 6 martin gourds onto a martin pole with ease. The bracket is specifically designed to attach to our Telescoping Aluminum Pole and Ground Socket, 12', connecting to one of the black knobs at the top. This design also fits easily over a 1.25" outer diameter round pole, and may be held in place with a screw and washer (not included). Three 34" long metal 3/8" round rods insert into this bracket, and hardware holds the rods in place. It also helps keep your gourds (not included) stable on the rod once placed there. Create a fun gourd rack on your existing pole with this Hanging Gourd Bracket. Mount this home high on the included triangular Telescoping Aluminum Pole.

Display your Purple Martin Hanging Gourd Bracket at a 12' height using this triangular Telescoping Aluminum Tri-Pole with Ground Socket. This unique, lasting pole is crafted from three pieces of durable, aircraft aluminum, which, when combined, expand to just over 12' tall, perfect for martin gourd housing. The triangular shape of each section provides extra strength, perfectly mating to your Gourd Bracket. Included keys keep the telescoping sections in place, and these may be loosened for you to raise and lower the pole with ease. Install the included, 17" long ground socket into your soil and can surround it with concrete for a sturdy and lasting support, and so you can remove the pole for maintenance or mowing. The pole's triangular shape is specifically designed to insert into your martin Gourd Bracket, its aluminum construction remaining durable for many seasons. Situate your martin Gourds at a great height using this Telescoping Aluminum Tri-Pole with Ground Socket. The Hanging Gourd Bracket is a practical, inexpensive option to give Purple Martins a home and help keep the insect population down. Our Purple Martin Crescent Gourd (sold separately) is made for this 6 Gourd Bracket with 3/8" rod mounting. Great for bird lovers as a new hobby. Made in the USA. Assembly required.

Select option to add an extra Hanging Bracket (Double) for extra perching or gourds. Hanging Bracket works well with this Triangular Telescoping Pole, gourds sold separately.

Overall Dimensions: Three 0.375" dia. x 34"L rods, 4"L x 4"W x 2.75"H bracket
Telescoping Pole is 12' overall

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