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Post Socket Ground Mount
Post Socket Ground Mount

Post Socket Ground Mount

Post Socket Ground Mount is a twist in the ground socket for a standard 4x4 post. The Post Ground Socket is tan with mounting holes in its side to secure in place. The ground screw has a 20" in ground depth and can be twisted in place with help of a large screwdriver in its mounting holes. Accepts a standard 4x4 post (actual 3 5/8" x 3 5/8"). So the post must actually measure 3 5/8" square or be able to trimmed to that size. A strong advantage is to allow the full length (maybe 8 ft) to be above ground and be usable height for bird feeders or hanging plants, etc. It also prevents post weathering in the ground or have to use a post hole digger. Post not included. Great solution for using standard 6' to 8' tall posts.

Tip: When installing any of our pole or Post Ground Sockets, it is helpful to have some leverage to turn them into the ground. This mechanical advantage can be achieved with a long screwdriver or anything metal that can fit in a hole or slot in its side. Then turn the handle of the screwdriver to twist into the ground (see picture). If desired, this example with a screw driver can also have its mounting screws temporarily tighten to hold in place.

Approx. Dimensions: 24" x 6" Diameter

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