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Post Raccoon Proof Bird Pole Kit
Post Raccoon Proof Bird Pole Kit

Post Raccoon Proof Bird Pole Kit

Post Raccoon Proof Bird Pole Kit has all the hardware necessary to make a bird feeder pole using a 4x4 post. Kit includes 2 curved bird feeder hanger arms, large cylinder squirrel and raccoon baffle and includes a ground socket. This Post Raccoon Bird Feeder Pole hardware is just what is needed to have a Squirrel and raccoon proof bird feeder pole using a 4x4 post. The parts are made to fit a standard 4x4 post (actual 3 5/8" x 3 5/8"). So measure your post to actually be 3 5/8" square.

The tan ground socket for 4 x 4 post is 24" tall with 20" in the ground. The cylinder Squirrel and Raccoon proof baffle is 23" long and 8" in diameter and must be able to slip down over the post and includes a post clamp to mount. The two 17" brackets are curved Bird feeder hanger arms that have an upturned hook and are hand forged made with square wrought iron stock. A 6.25" long tail on the bracket, as well as a 3" long, rectangular back plate and included screws, keep it securely mounted to your post or wall. The hanger arms have a black powder coated finish. Because the ground screw holds the post above ground, it maintains its full height and eliminates the digging a hole with post deterioration in the ground. For example purposes the standard 4x4 post shown is an 8 ft stockade fence post which is not included. Add a standard 6' to 8' tall post of your choosing to make your backyard statement.

Tip: When installing any of our pole or Post Ground Sockets, it is helpful to have some leverage to turn them into the ground. This mechanical advantage can be achieved with a long screwdriver or anything metal that can fit in a hole or slot in its side. Then turn the handle of the screwdriver to twist into the ground. (see picture)

Note: 4x4 Post not included

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