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Post Pole Patio Base
Post Pole Patio Base

Post Pole Patio Base

Post Pole Patio Base for 4 x 4 Post is a good way to mount and install a post on a patio or ground. The Post Patio Base has a secure socket and a 24 inch round base. It is made to fit a standard 4x4 post (3 5/8" x 3 5/8"). So the post must actually measure 3 5/8" square or be able to be trimmed to that size. The Post Pole base can make a Bird Feeder Pole by adding a post and hanger arms or baffle. This also has an advantage of keeping the post above ground and of using its full height. Post Pole Patio Base has tan powder coated finish.

Note: (Post not included)

Dimensions: 24" Diameter

Your Price: $ 72.95

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