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Popular Window Hummingbird Feeder
Popular Window Hummingbird Feeder

Popular Window Hummingbird Feeder

Window Hummingbird feeder with a window mount clear hook. This popular window Hummingbird Feeder holds the hummingbird feeder away from the window. Nicely allows the Hummingbirds to hover all around it. The red hummingbird feeder has 6 ports with a capacity of 12 - 16 oz. It features a built in ant guard to keep ants from making a trail up the side of your house to get some nectar.

The saucer design also keeps bees from reaching the nectar. The 2 suction cup clear hook is 11" tall, extends 7" and will hold up to 4 lbs. Great in all aspects and the window Hummingbird feeder is especially easy to clean and maintain. But the real treat is watching these amazing Hummers up close, at your window, from the best seat in the house!

Hummer Dimensions: 9" L X 8.5" W X 2" H

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